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Using a Pregnancy Pillow to Relieve Back Pain


For pregnant women, discomfort and pain are more troublesome at night, which can affect their sleeping habits. Your back or pelvis may not be adjusting well if you attempt to maintain your usual sleeping position. Treat yourself to a high-quality, functional pregnancy pillow to increase your chances of getting a decent night’s sleep. A good cushion should be adjustable and provide support in all the areas where you need it, such as your belly, lower back, pelvis, knees, and ankles.

Avoid sleeping on your back and instead use your pregnancy pillow to surround yourself on your left side, or wrap your pillow between your legs, behind your back, or under your abdomen for extra support. Pregnancy pillows are specially designed to assist you in finding the most comfortable position for uninterrupted sleep.


As your tummy expands, you may find yourself leaning forward to meet the shifting center of gravity, which means that many pregnant women will shift their weight to their back, exacerbating the pain. The pregnancy pillow can be used to improve posture and alleviate the effects of a shifting center of gravity.

The pregnancy pillow is designed to be tied around your waist for on-the-go support, providing a more supportive and comfortable atmosphere. When using the pregnancy pillow while upright, maintain a straight posture with a wide stance, keep your chest lifted high and your shoulders back, and avoid locking your knees.


If you decide to breastfeed your child, the pregnancy pillow is specifically designed to support critical areas such as the neck and shoulders during feeding. The firmness of the pillow can even be adjusted to find the most comfortable posture for you and your baby. Because you will most likely spend a substantial amount of time nursing your child, a pregnancy pillow can also be used postpartum to support your back and pelvis and avoid slouching.

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