Technological Advances In Spray Booths

Technological Advances In Spray Booths And How They Can Benefit You

In our modernized world, everyone is spoilt for choice. This means that everyone wants the absolute best quality, but for the smallest price. This can be challenging for many sectors; however, it is especially true for engineering and manufacturing. Mainly when it comes to spray painting technology and spray booths, and the technology that has evolved throughout this sector.

This is not just exclusive to the types of paints used and how they impact the end results, but also the application method that is used. Prompted by the need to control costs, while still protecting facilities and equipment, spray booths have continued to be advanced by engineers and manufacturers looking for the best possible options in paint-application techniques and technology.

A lot of technology goes into the perfect bespoke machinery for spray painting. We have seen many updated technologies in the paint application space, including:  

  • Airless (Hot or Hydraulic)
  • High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP)
  • Low-Pressure Low Volume (LPLV)
  • Atomization
  • Air – Assisted Airless
  • Electrostatic system
  • Automation

How Can These Technological Advances In Spray Booths Benefit You?

Spray booth technology offers numerous notable advantages to operators, including limitation of safety risks, reduced waste of resources, consistent spray application and lower operating cost.

Let’s have a look at these benefits in detail, so you can see how they have the ability to benefit you and your business:


Technologically advanced spray booths are often considered too expensive. However, they are an investment, even though the initial investment may seem large, when you look at it with a long-term perspective, it is well worth it in the end. 

By using automated spray booths, your output will increase while reducing production costs and offering environmental benefits such as lower energy consumption. Operating with energy-efficient machinery can provide the largest benefit, especially in the long-term.


Conventional painting methods may not offer consistency in the quality of paint coats every time. To survive in the market, manufacturers cannot have variation in the quality of their products.

Automation can help ensure that all the spray-painting parameters and spraying motions are the same every time, which increases quality and consistency. Even the most skilled person cannot deliver that same type of precision and consistency. 

Less Waste

Using the correct technology can reduce material consumption by up to 30%; the key to this is the accuracy that technology offers.

When a spray booth is optimized for a particular task, painting can be done very efficiently, and you will see a cut down in the use of materials per task. This includes a spray booths ability to provide a consistent result and less products lost to error.


The most obvious benefit of automated spray booths is reducing the overall risks to workers. In the painting industry, there are many health risks for workers, even with protective gear. 

Technology-oriented spray booths allow companies to provide a safer environment for their workforce, letting them control and monitor the booth from a distance.

However, not all spray booths are made equal. There are dozens of factors to consider when choosing the right spray booth for your needs. If you aren’t familiar with your options, things get even more complicated when technology and automation come to play.

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