Visit Top Rated Attractions in Dublin with Qatar Airways

Visit Top Rated Attractions in Dublin with Qatar Airways

Ireland is not an unknown country. It is the epitome of attraction and beauty. People from all across the world go there in summer as the temperature remains pleasant there in the months of June and July. Though Ireland has so many beautiful places, its capital Dublin is unmatched in its diversity and attraction. 

Dublin is a city that never betrays the expectations of travelers. It offers all the things from modern buildings to colorful streets and exotic bars. The unique thing about Dublin is that all the tourist attractions here have their own stories, memories, and magnificence. The eastern side is awash with buildings, whereas the western corners are full of nature and amusement. Here, we have come up with exceedingly enticing places to visit in Dublin. Let’s start our journey. 

  1. Grafton Street 

Grafton Street is the premier shopping spot in Dublin, located only steps south of Trinity College. The place can be identified by a huge statue of Molly Malone, so you will never miss this attraction. This heterogeneous place brims with people of various kinds, including singers, fiddle players, and dancers. Several bands have also performed here spontaneously, including the famous Bono of U2. 

Apart from entertaining people, you will also find here a wide range of boutiques, departmental stores, cafes, and jewelers. People in Dublin say that they come here without thinking whenever they need any kind of thing.

  1. Dublin Castle 

Dublin Castle was once a prominent seat of the UK’s administration in Ireland.  Currently, the majestic building is a popular spot for tourists who come here with Qatar Airways flight booking to witness the ancient glory of Ireland. Generally, people come here in daytime to explore the ins and outs of castle. Interestingly, the city also got its name from a black pool that was the most intriguing feature of the building. However, the Black Pool is no more and is replaced by the beautiful garden. Once you are here, you can explore the state apartments, Dublin tearooms, and the medieval compartments. 

  1. The James Joyce Center 

The James Joyce Center was established by an Irish Senator, and it is only an eight-minute walk from the GPO. It is a lovely Georgian house where James Joyce, the one-time presidential candidate lived for some time. However, he did not shift here permanently. Here, you will find all the things which were under the use of that person. He was also a prolific writer as his books are still popular among Irish students. The buildings were tried to be condemned in the 1980s, but the campaign spearheaded by David Norris prevented its destruction. 

  1. National Botanical Gardens 

The area of the National Botanical Garden is 19.5 hectares. It is located on the banks of the Tolka River and is a must-visit attraction for people who are visiting the capital of Ireland. The multi-colored display of flowers along with the scenic views of green landscapes is certainly a sight to behold. Flowers of different kinds are displayed here annually, and nature loves to participate in this event excitedly. The garden also houses a large pond where you can see the beautiful fishes hastily going here and there. Moreover, the sight of several kinds of birds chirping near the flowers and trees would also leave you stunned. 

  1. The National Gallery of Ireland 

If you take a right turn at the end of Kildare Street, you will reach the National Gallery of Ireland. There or two entrances of this building: one is on Merrion Square West and other on the Clare Street. The gallery contains the finest collection of European art in general and Irish art in particular. From contemporary pieces of art to works from the middle ages, the museum has everything. This monumental gallery was opened in 1864, and it experienced a further renovation in 1903, 1968, and 2002. The interesting collection in the gallery entices people from all across the globe who come here through cheap flight tickets.  

  1. Merrion Square 

You will be received by the pleasant Merrion Square the moment you exit the main portal of the National Gallery. Here, you will see lots of offices and private houses. The place is illustrated in various magazines and postcards of the city. There is a gorgeous park at the center of the square that depicts the statue of a renowned writer, Oscar Wilde. A light stroll around the square will take you back to the Georgian era. In order to show the houses taller than they really are, the top windows of several buildings have been kept smaller than the lower ones. 


Though Europe also has several other fascinating places, the charm of Dublin is unique in its own way. If you have made up your mind to experience the peculiar ambiance of Dublin, just visit to book the flight tickets online.