Jenkins Certifications

Top 5 Jenkins Certifications

If a person is familiar with the certification of Jenkins and has not any exact idea which course they can take, what will be the average cost. Moreover, the whole duration to do with the course, the advantages which are supposed to get competently; here in this article, you would get all of your questions to be answered. We would assist you to comprehend the duration, of course, the overall budget, as well as the major gains that you can achieve in this field of Information Technology. Our survey and the data that took from the professionals have assisted in outlining these details regarding the cert of Jenkins.

Jenkins Certification

These certifications of Jenkins are the ones that are extremely professional-grade cert – which is certifying a person to own the experiences and all the essential abilities to influence the software design language of Jenkins. It is based on two types of certs that are Certified-Jenkins-Platform-Engineer i.e. CJPE and Certified-Jenkins-Engineer i.e. CJE. Jenkins certs distinguish you like a professional to handle the computer software design language along with integrity and expertise.

Jenkins considered as the highest open-source automation server – which is offering numerous plugins towards the consumers on account to help in the procedure of generating, organizing, and put on automation in the whole plan. It’s quite easier to make installation of computer software designing language but it needs higher expertise to integrate and generate servers for the tasks of automation. The greatly renowned tools of CD and CI are the actual results of Jenkins – which are most popular in the industry of Information Technology.

Top 5 Certifications of Jenkins

Following are the best five certs of Jenkins:

Learn DevOps: Ci/CD with Jenkins using Pipelines and Docker

This learning course would assist you to get hands-on the usage of Jenkins on account to do CI in the whole period of software development, arrange Jenkins utilizing Docker, Jobs D-S-L, as well as the Pipelines of Jenkins. Also, you would comprehend the methodologies to organize the whole process of verification and approval to tighten up the safety on Jenkins UI. As soon as you achieve the certification, you would be capable to make installation of the Jenkins by utilizing Docker and also put on plugins on account to incorporate Jenkins along with some of the renowned development software. This course would be made up of total of fifty-two lectures, and these lectures would take a time of approx. four hours forty minutes and fifty-six sec. The content of the course would encompass theses.

  • Up to date usage of Jenkins
  • Substructure as automation and coding
  • Jenkins Job D-S-L
  • Integrations in Jenkins 
  • Overview of the Jenkins
  • Pipelines of Jenkins
  • Making of Node-JS apps

Jenkins, From Zero to Hero: Become a DevOps Jenkins Master

It is the course that would assist you to know more and more about Jenkins, and also incorporate the understanding along with the Ansible, Maven, Email, GIT, AWS, Docker, etc. You would attain the capability to organize the entire tools of DevOps. Moreover, it guides you to learn methods of continuous deployment and integration. This course would be made up of a total of one hundred and seventy-four lectures and the average time required is around ten hours thirty-seven minutes and twenty-three sec. The content of the course encompasses these:

  • G-I-T and the Jenkins
  • Maven and the Jenkins 
  • Electronic mail and the Jenkins
  • Security and the Jenkins 
  • Ansible and the Jenkins
  • A-W-S and the Jenkins 
  • Docker and the Jenkins
  • Take initiative with the Jenkins
  • Overview and installation

DevOps with GIT (Flow) Jenkins, Artifactory, Sonar, ELK, JIRA

It is the course that is offering, and assists you to generate a DevOps setting for company, identification of the toolchain, put on numerous use cases and setting up the main types in the toolset of DevOps. The minimum demand of this course would be a six and a half hours videography along with the thirteen resources that can be easily downloaded and also full accessibility throughout life. The necessities of this course is a basic-level knowledge of S-D-L-C lifespan, source coding management, as well as Java software design language utilizing Spring-boot and some other tools.

  • Updates in course
  • Safety with Jenkins 
  • Generate objects deployment along with Jenkins 
  • Check and quality exploration for the Continuous-Inspection
  • Projects of Mavens 
  • Fundamentals of Jenkins
  • Publish the builds objects to the object source  

Jenkins Administration – Fundamentals

Certified-Jenkins-Engineer i.e. CJE – This is a course that would assist you to turn out to be enough capable to manage the Jenkins. You would get to know the ways to put on topmost practices by spread over some essential source aspects. The total duration of the course is around eight hours. The content of the course encompasses these:

  • Jenkins Installation
  • Generate Notifications
  • Management of Plugins
  • Backups
  • Agents, Nodes, and Masters 
  • Make use of Manage-Jenkins-Screens
  • Safety
  • Systematize Tasks with the API and CLI
  • Archives
  • Observing

Jenkins 2 Bootcamp: Fully Automate Builds to Deployment

It would assist you in getting the knowledge to make the installation of the Jenkins Continuous Integration server on windows. You would know the fundamentals of continuous-inspection, incorporation, and placement. You would also get the understanding to put on numerous tactics and attain experience to implement the Jenkins for the whole system of integration. The course would be consisting of a total of eighty-six lectures, and the average time is requiring six hours twenty-three minutes and forty-nine sec. The content of the course encompasses these:

  • Overview
  • Fully connection
  • Some fundamentals
  • Projects of Maven
  • Check and quality exploration for the Continuous-Inspection
  • Generate objects deployment along with Jenkins 
  • Publish the builds objects to the object source
  • Safety in the Jenkins
  • Updates in Course


The certifications of Jenkins would require very minimum duration as compared to different famous cert. however; Jenkins training would provide a huge benefit to the experts of IT. You are only required to organize your schedule on a daily basis and also give an honest strength to practice and learn Jenkins Cert. In this manner, you would turn out to be an expert in this software designing language in very less time duration as well as get accessibility to the entire newest chances for the advancement and growth in your career.