Appliance Repair

Learn How To Become A Pro In Appliance Repair Too!

If at all you are wondering how you can become a pro in repairing and maintaining your home appliances, then here is a guide. When you grow up to have more responsibilities, your home becomes your responsibility too. 

You need to take care of every home appliance as your very own and work for it to make sure they do not trouble you regularly. Hence, if you are suffering from any appliance breakdown, always call the appliance repair service center and get your appliances checked and inspected. 

Here are some simple appliance repair tips and maintenance that you can do all by yourself. 

Check the oven door seal

Without the oven door is loose or it is not with a proper seal, it can lose out on the heat and this can be a problem on the efficiency and the performance of the oven. Thus, make sure that you check the seal’s condition and replace it if at all it is not working well. Apart from that, if you think it is broken somewhere, then you can call the repair center to get it replaced immediately.

Clean it Up

Clean up all the dirty downdraft vent filters in the dishwasher. You can wash them with homemade cleaning liquid using soap and water and if not you can get them replaced too if it is charcoal or paper filter. 

Check refrigerator coils

You need to check on the condenser coils of the refrigerator and do this once or twice to remove any dust or suck up the complete loose particles. The location of the refrigerator coils can be different in different models, but you can check your manual for more information. 

Change your refrigerator water filter

Filters over time do get contaminated and if you are not taking care of the filter changes regularly, then you may not be able to get efficient performance. Keep changing the filter regularly so that you get clean water. Do this activity every three months depending on how much you use it.

Rusty dishwasher tines

Rust can develop over time on the dishwasher racks ruin your dishes and silverware. If at all you need to solve this issue, then you can purchase an appliance repair kit of tines and then replace the places where the rust is formed. You can use the replacement tips too and let it dry for 24 hours before you start running the dishwasher again. 

Cleaning your dryer exhaust

If at all you are thinking of skipping the dryer exhaust, then do not even think of it. It reduces a lot of efficiencies if you are not cleaning the lint in the dryer. Also, you need to remove bid lumps of lint if you do not clean regularly. Instead, make it a habit that you clean it regularly, and there you have your wonderful dryer. 

Inspect washing machine hoses

Washing machines run at least 2-3 times a week and they need to be checked on too. Every year, make sure that you are checking the machine water hoses. Mainly, these are the ones that get faulty so if you can check on the water hoses for the machine, and get it fixed by the appliance repair guys, then you can keep the machine running. 

For your ACs only

If at all you have dirty ACs and clogged filters in your home, you can simply clean it during the weekend. You can find that the restricted airflow or the energy efficiency and the appliance can have a negative impact which is why if you make it a schedule to keep your AC clean, then these all things won’t be a problem. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove as much as dirt as possible and you can also use disposable filters for the same. 


Appliance repair and maintenance is an important thing to know and everyone needs to know how to deal with basics. Next time you do your regular maintenance of all the appliances, you can also do basic repairs of other home appliances like your AC or dishwasher or microwave oven. They are all simple home appliances and they should not take much time to repair.