Stereo Speakers

How to Place Stereo Speakers for the Best Sound

Advancements in the design and technology of stereo speakers in recent years catch the attention of everyone and encourage the people to buy the finest stereo speakers.  You can pay attention to everything about the latest stereo speakers and make a well-informed decision about how to place the stereo speakers for the appropriate sound. Easy-to-understand details regarding the placement of the speakers correctly in our time catch the attention of everyone and encourage them to directly pick and order the best suitable speakers.  Tips and suggestions about how to place the stereo speakers nowadays assist you to directly follow them and fulfil wishes about the enhanced entertainment.  

Consider important things  

Experts in the stereo speaker placements suggest not placing the speakers nearby the front wall that is the wall behind the speakers. They recommend at least two feet of space. Speakers reflect sound off of surfaces and exhibit the over-amplified bass response to make the bass sound boomy or too loud when they sit too close to the walls in particular corners.  You must avoid orienting the speakers so that it is entirely parallel to each other. You have to angle the speakers so that these speakers focus on the listening spot known as the toe-in. You will experience the sharpest possible acoustic imaging. This is advisable to double-check the manual of the speaker as any model is designed so it does not require angling for the best sound. 

The golden rectangle rule 

All beginners to the stereo speaker placements must be aware of everything about the golden rectangle rule. You can place these speakers about the three feet from the front wall for reducing the reflection from the front as well as sidewalls to tame boomy bass. The overall distances from the side walls are important. This rule states that the overall distance of the speaker to the nearest side wall must be at least 1.6 times its distance from the front wall. Once you have placed the speakers in the ideal place, you have to angle them in by thirty degrees to face the overall listening spot.