Factors to take into account before redesigning your basement

The basement can be used for more than just laundry and storage. Nowadays, families are turning their basements into a range of functions, such as guest rooms, workplaces, rentable garden apartments, and posh hangout spaces. They receive a lot of value for their money when they do this. Before grabbing a sledgehammer or heading to your local home improvement stores, you must do your research. You need to collect some information before starting your Oakville basement renovation project.

How Much Is Your House Worth?

Many homeowners lack the extra funds necessary to finance renovations. You must use caution if you are a member of this club to avoid over-improving your home. Why is that relevant? When you spend more on your home than it is worth when you sell it, you have overimproved.

How Long Will the Structure Last?

Before you start any remodelling work in your basement, give it a complete inspection. Remember that what you are witnessing is the foundation of your home, not just a new living space that is about to be built. Look for cracks in the walls and floors, drooping ceilings, puddles of water, slow leaks, and any potential electrical or plumbing issues. The majority of problems might be fixed, but you’ll need to have them examined by a trained contractor and perhaps a structural engineer in order to come up with a safe, durable, and reasonably priced fix.

Which type of water are you using?

Since most basements are built on concrete slabs that sit directly on dirt, moisture seeps up from the ground and flows through the porous concrete of those basements. Both light air humidity and inch-deep puddles could result from this. Since concrete blocks are regularly used to build basement walls, water can also leak in here. Additionally, problems could arise if your wall is broken or if the seal around your outside doors or windows is weakened.